Hello all. I have an IMG object in my page...

<IMG name="tstgray" src="" onMouseOver="mover();">

during the Mover() function, I want to take the "onMouseOver" event trigger
off of the IMG object and put an "onClick" trigger on it to point to a
function name I determine at runtime. I have tried things like...

document.all.tstgray.onClick = "window.alert('worked')";
document.all.tstgray.onMouseOver = "";

....just to test it, but to no avail. It appears as though it isn't possible
to read (or write) these values during runtime. I'm pretty new to this, so
perhaps I am doing this wrong? I did a search on the internet, and I saw
someone else had the same issue. A supposed solution was posted, but it was
by someone who spoke broken English. It left me more confused than when I

Many thanks.

Joshua Cloud