Hello all. I am currently developing an application with Jbuilder 4.0 Enterprise
Edition that uses 10 separate search engines and displays the results of
each engine in it's own window. However, my current design is flawed because
if/when I add more search engines to the program, that will be that many
more windows popping up. My question is how would I grep the html of the
search engine and then dump that to a text file? This application is used
only on win32 systems, so the unix command of grep will not work. Any ideas
in this matter would be greatly appreciated .. I do have one idea, but it
seems very long and drawn out. There is a program for windows called grep32.exe
that will grep a file, but that means I will have to save each engine's search
result page temporarily, grep it for the results, then remove the temp file
and go to the next engine ... this all seems like a great deal of overhead.
Thanks in advance for your help.