Hi all,

I have to develop a link to a site at the home page of another mobile application
service provider site.

The situation is as follows:

Site1 which offers lots of user services say mail,chat,date,lovechat etc.

Site2 is a mobile user site,which will provide a link at the home page for
the people to link to the Site1.

Site2 owner after having registered with the Site1, will be sent with the
link along with the services offered, by the Site1.

And Site1 will put that link at his homepage for the endusers to access.

Now i want to give the Site2 owner , a link that will link up to the Site1
for the endusers to access.That link should also tell the user as what are
the services availble to user after clicking the link.So that the user will
be directly able to choose the service he wants to subscribe from the Site2
homepage link itself.

How can i achieve this through java/servlets/JSP.Or it can be done using
any other technology?I am familiar with java. so i would like a solution
using java.Pl help me out of this situation.

thanks and regards
sathiyam K G