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Thread: ws question

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    Duy Huynh Guest

    ws question


    supppose we have a webservice A and a method A.x(). whenever we call A.x(),
    A will return something to us. However, when we don't call A.x(), is there
    any way that A can run autonomous by itself and change its data? I just
    wonder how we could do this....

    here is one architecure I can think of

    Client <----> webservice A <---> Database <----> [a program B]
    a program B, running somewhere, will modify the data of A in the database.
    so that we can have something (but not A) running autonomous and changing
    the data of A.

    however, I just wonder if we can integrate B into A so that we can have like
    a thread running at the same time the client request A.x(). then we can
    also remove the database also.
    Client <---> webservice A(method x, and B)

    any opinion is welcomed.



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    MarkN Guest

    Re: ws question

    I think I know what you are trying to get at and the answer would be yes (sort
    of). First remove concepts such as database and webservice and determine
    the real 'business' problem. Then add in your persistance and delivery method(s).

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