I have tried two java applets and have runned into the same problem. It has to do with target frames. I have two frames on my webside one on the side to the left called contents small frame where the java applet goes and one( the frame name is "contents")to the right is the big frame called "main". I wanted the links that are in the Java Applet to target the main frame. so I did that by editing this parameter
<Param Name="Target" Value="main">
When I do that it works correctly on Frontpage 2000 preview tab.
But it doesn't work correctly in the web. In the web the links stop working when I set the target frame to "main".
Right Now i have the target for the applet set to _parent while I try to solve how make the java applet target the main frame without screwing up the links.
My site http://members.fortunecity.com/l3ixen