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    Talking Can someone please help?

    Hello there my name is Andy and I'm a third year multimedia student looking for anyone who can offer some source code for the problem that I have. The problem is relatively simple but as I am relatively new to JAVA I need some help. The problem is as follows: "Queen moves" - Place the queen on a chessboard and pass her over the entire 64 squares and back again to the starting point in exactly 14 moves. The queen is allowed to move as in normal chess, along the rows and along the diagonals. The representation should be able to keep track of the number of straight line segments drwn on a chessboard.

    If anyone can help me out with a soloution and source code it would really save my skin. Thanks Andy

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    Mar 2003


    Are you sure it's only 14 moves? I can't even work out a way for that to work on paper! The fewest I can get is 16. Are you sure that it's solvable?

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    oh this is solvable, i've read about this on some old books in C, particularly Dissecting C. i think it was by Ira Pohl and another author. but i can't seem to remember if it was a Queen or a Knight that was in that book. it's basically of the same concept though. you should try to find this book. the authors gave some tips on how to do this...

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