jview profiler and memory leaks

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Thread: jview profiler and memory leaks

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    Aug 2003

    Talking jview profiler and memory leaks

    I have a couple of game applets that have memory leaks.
    simply after playing the games for about 20 minutes the applets stop and
    a java.lang.outofmemory exception occurs.
    I used the jview.exe profiler in my visual studio J++ to check for any
    objects that consume too much memory
    during execution.
    the command for running jview's profiler is
    jview /a -proferclassalloc,file=prof.out
    I dump all of the profiler's output to prof.out file. Then I check the
    output file prof.out
    and i have many lines like the sample below that list all of the objects
    used during execution of
    the program and that state how many objects were instantiated and how much
    of bytes of memory
    they used. See example below-->

    Total Per GC Overall
    Num Bytes Num Bytes #/Bytes
    62 3224 7 403 0% 0%

    followed by this important line
    this is the line, below
    222 675368 27 84421 1% 46%

    which tells me that [I uses 46% of the memory in the program.
    the sample line says that the class java.awt.event.MouseEvent uses 0% of #
    of objects and 0% of bytes of memory.

    does any one know what the [I object/class is in the output. I think that
    it can be the source of the memory
    leak since it consumes close to 50% of the memory allocated by the java
    virtual machine.

    any help is appreciated

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    I would suggest downloading a trial of a better profiler - my personal favourite is JProbe. However, it working will depend whether or not you've used any nasty J++, platform-dependant code. Probably worth a go though...

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