Suppose I want to create the following XML document:

<books xmlns="myLibraryNS">
<p:book>All my sons</p:book>

And suppose I want to create a schema that describes it:

<schema xmlns="Xml-Schema namespace" xmlns="myLibraryNS">
<element name="books">
<element name="p:book" type="string" maxOccurs="unbounded">

Now, suppose I want to load and parse the schema. Iwould use a DOM xml parser
(unless there is a schema parser you know off, which is compatible with the
last version of XML-Schema).
When I read that attribute "name", I would like to know that it's value comes
from another namespace.

My questions are:
1) Do you know of any parser that supports namespaces on attribute value?
2) If not - can you think of another way to write an XML-Schema that would
best describe the aboce XML Document, a way that doesn't require namespace
support for the attribute value?

Thanks in advance,