I've been studying XML/schema/SOAP/SAX2 for about 6 months now... I have some
questions for anyone who cares:

Since we all know that you cannot parse a very large file using DOM, you
are forced to use SAX... But, then you have to use a query to get to ONLY
the information you want. Then you have to sequentially get to that information
because there is no "Primary Key" or Indexes that might be built prior to
the execution of the query.

My need is this: Get to the Data, Fast, using a Standard query language
(Like SQL), that doesn't have to sequentially go through the data, that uses
indexes for speed, that has a standard for defining heirarchy, types, and
I understand that standard database systems are not easily accessed through
the 'net, but holy moly. The funny thing about standards is that there are
so many of them.
To me, this is Jurrassic Park Syndrome. We spend so much time trying to
figure out if we CAN do something without spending the time to think about
whether we should have.
To me, Everyone is using the Buzz word XML. But in real-world situations
I have come across, there is not enough support, speed, or interoperability
to provide a solid solution to Database access without having to be anal
retentive about methods, drivers, memory limitations, and conversion issues.
Maybe I'm crazy, or just ill-informed. You be the judge.