I want several xml elements on my page, but I do not know beforehand how many
of them will be needed, so I create them dynamically like this:

var aRS = new Array();

function CreateXMLElement(vID)
var xmlElement = document.createElement("XML");
xmlElement.id = vID;
return thepage.appendChild(xmlElement);

//...(thepage = id of body element)
//...I can then put them into the array like this:

aRS[index] = CreateXMLElement( "name" );
aRS[index].src = "sendrecordset.asp";

Ok, I have verified that the elements get created, and a reference to them
put into the array. But as soon as I try to access the recordset property
of these elements, it fails.
Does anyone know why the recordset can't be accessed? How can this be solved?