I need your answer very much since I encountered the following problem
in my company now.

Q1. Pretend you are the CEO of a large insurance company with thousands
of clients. Many of your clients are required to share with you
information about their possessions, their salaries, and their
various health risks. Obviously, your customers trust that you
will keep this information confidential.
A large part of your business is built on the trust
you have established with your customers and your good name.
Many companies have survived on their good names alone.
Now, say that you discover that hackers broke into your system,
compromised some accounts, stole some information,
and deleted some important records. What do you do?

Q2. Let say, The insurance company you work for has added 40 new servers
the company intranet in the last three months. Still your boss
is unconvinced. She doesn't understand what the fuss is all about.
She feels that if your department were to post some of its information

on the intranet that other departments will stop calling and stopping
by for information. She says she would rather just say no to the
"revolution" What arguments can you come up with for your department
putting information on the intranet? Assume that your department
is administrative in nature, for example, the accounting department.

3. Attacks against integrity are malicious modification of data, programs,

messages, and memory. They are the most devastating in that successful

integrity attacks enable all the other classes of attack.
Please tell me more details about the threats on the web.