Maybe as a surprice, but my wish for "simplicity" in the use of EXE and DLL's
created with VB are in the area I think VB was ment for:


As a single person developer in my company I use VB to get the good and quick
results from drawing board to product, now ActiveX DLL's give me an unwanted
overhead in distribution. Ofcourse I try to design a DLL as complete as posible
and not change it for as long as posible, now a simple recompile, even with
compatibility switched on correctly, can give me al kinds of error messages
at the customers computer, like class does not support automation, well it
did the year before nicely and I didn't change anything in the exported functions
???? A small patch in the debugging/testing area gives me the overhead of
explaning regsvr32 over the phone or writing special installation routines,
I use Wise for that.

So my Simple and humble wish goes for a DLL without the ActiveX overhead
while in many cases I do not need the ActiveX functionality. But I can not
choose to switch it off....
So I use Powerbasic DLL as a seperat product to accomplish this, but Powerbasic
being a perfect product in itself doesn't have some VB functionality which
I would like to use, so I am a little stuck in between.

(taking one example)
So I need this very little program checking the time on a specific computer
in the network and synchronise the time on the computer it runs. This computer
is a 486/133(AMD) industrial terminal. In VB this program is like written
very quickly but every time the client computer starts it slowes down, 10
seconds, leaving the customer in doubt why his computer is taking so long
to start up. This is just an example why VB is the right tool to programm
additional tools quickly but is inusable because of a unused 2 floppy disk
I have to go for an external tool again, in this case again Powerbasic.

I said my wishes were simple and humble and foremost they are practical.
The things I achieve with VB are impressive if you think for a few years
back you needed C to accomplish it but in the straight forward keep it simple
area VB adds a little too much unwanted often unused technology to get there.

Thanks for tuning in,

Eric Kelderman (Zane Thomas) wrote:
>On Thu, 18 May 2000 15:04:43 -0700, "Karl E. Peterson" <> wrote:
>>NT Services would also be
>>orders of magnitude simpler if the OLE crud were tossed and normal entry


>Or if someone provided a component to handle the details. :-)
>You're just mad because the voices don't talk to you.