Well, someone wants to make software engineering into a true profession by
requiring sign-off licensing. As an ex-lawyer who now practices software
engineering as both a developer (MCP) and web architect, I can tell you that
the practice of law, as just one example, has certainly not been made more
professional or "better" by allowing only attorneys to sign off. Rather,
what this requirement has done, has taken the law away from the people, its
real owners. Anyone care to try round 2, and improve the practice of software
development by applying (once again) this same technique? McConnell, your
software engineering books are excellent (even we unlicensed engineers can
read, comprehend, and apply as required). May I respectfully suggest that
you stick with what you know, and leave the licensing arguments up to those
who would benefit most--the regulatory agencies and bureaucrats all too anxious
to jump on your bandwagon and so disempower yet another group of process