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Thread: The Human Os

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    Gonzalo Morales Guest

    The Human Os

    I've worked more than twenty years in this industry, from time to time there
    is a wave of 'human computing', but all of them died shorter than longer,
    we really need this human like os, we really need this standard protocols,
    and we really need a totally new wave of periferals, if we want to humanize
    the computing experience then the first challenge we have to solve is: How
    to hide the computer?.

    There is a unique big rule that resumes how to make more human like computing,
    "As nearest we are of human like computing, internal complexity proportionaly
    grows, and as internal complexity grows directly grows learning curve, so
    we need to think in new ways to hide this complexity, so we create sophisticated
    graphics environments and this add more internal complexity, and so on.

    So the only way to approach to the goal "Human os" is a mind change about
    the whole computing experience, we need to hide the complexity, so let's
    hide the computer, this way we can begin to think about something named like
    "natural computing?" Pens that send to a "hidden" computer what we are writing,
    phones that record in our "hidden" computer this meeting, and so on, we have
    to spare the actual components in little pieces of nanohardware with a common
    comunication protocol, and it's own nano driver (this is an interesting idea
    why the driver is in the computer not the peripheral) and make this all work
    with our "hidden computers".


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    Bob Foster Guest

    Re: The Human Os

    You're right of course... I suppose the trick is going to be bringing the
    right sequence of products to the market so that they capture the buying
    public's imagination 'in order' so that each new one finances the (not-to-be-forgotten)
    development effort for the next one.

    What do you think the first product should be? .. given that it would need
    to have a minimal development effort associated with it and maximum 'appeal'
    in today's culture...

    Perhaps a handheld 'shopper-box' that allows you to compare online prices
    with the item you are currently looking at .. if you could speak to it and
    it spoke back then that would probably help, but again costs of development
    stand in the way.

    What do you think?

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