Talking to a friend today on an unrelated issue, he said this:

"Geez...ok, I think I see what you are talking about. Different
download for different browswers...they hardly make that clear in the
web page. [comany name deleted] sux. They all think they are ultra cool
over about people who were insufferable since the 3rd
grade. I lived next to one of their programmers, and was not impressed
with the sales people I've dealt with either..."

And this:

"IE and Netscape...about the same difference between Gore and Bush.."

And, we think the general population will thank us for intruding in
their brains, when the general popluation thinks that we pretty much
spend our time trying to figure out how to make their lives _more_

We (the software development profession) are in serious need of a
reality check, IMO.

Maybe the McCarthy's could work on selling a nice warm slice of humble