I was wondering which group you considered suitable for "general computer"
questions? I'll give you a for example:

We have a training facility in our office we use for training, both of
training our folks on various computer languages and training our customers
on their software. In it we have an older Sony projector that shows what's
on the instructors PC up on the whiteboard. Being old, it only does 640x480
x 16 colors. We want to upgrade to something that'll do 800x600 by at least
256 colors. As you can see this is what I call a "one off" activity, it's
not exactly a programming question but it's something a lot of programmers
(especially those that also do training) may have dealt with. I wanted to
ask the local groups, but didn't know exactly where to go.
Enterprise.General maybe?

(By the way we are also looking for software to push what's on the
instructors PC to the other PCs in the classroom via the network, sort of
like lap link in reverse.)

If you don't have a general questions group, perhaps you should consider
one. A place where we can go to ask these "one off" questions that we all
have to deal with but are not directly related to programming. There's no
substitute for experience, and I've found the folks who hang out in these
areas have the most experience of anywhere else on the 'net.