Hi Russell --

> Maybe an example would help.

Hey, clue us in, okay? Are you the same "puzzled" apologist (I really wanted to say
"moron" there, but that wouldn't be very nice, would it?) responsible for that piece,
bylined "A. Russell Jones", currently running on DevX?


(Note to Pat Meader: I'd be *running* fast and furious, if this is your only defender
in this thread! As I told Dave Mendlin about JA, "With friends like this..." <bg>)

Your central position seems to be summed up with: "After a while you realize that not
only is .NET not harder—it's often easier than performing equivalent tasks in VB."
Perhaps you feel that way because you seem near totally unfamiliar with how VB is
conventionally used, hmmm?

Praddling on about the horrible shortcomings of Classic VB control arrays somehow
seems to *entirely* miss the point that they had benefits (loads of them!) too. That
you would even consider example #3 to be an improved situation is laughable on its
face. But if laughs are what's of interest, #10 was certainly the one to close with!
What a freakin' hoot. <g>

The question is, if Larry Serflaten can so easily tear you a new one,
news://news.devx.com/3b528d69@news.devx.com, I'd say you oughta be lookin for another
line of apologism, pal. Who does tech reviews for DevX, anyway? You guys *do* tech
rev what you put on your site, right??? What a **** embarassment.

Later... Karl