Hey Guys

I know I've said this before, but you gotta do something with
that Devx search engine, it is nearly useless (it seems).

I log all the message I send, so I know I have several messages
on your servers. But when I wanted to supply a link to one of
my earlier messages, I could not get to it.

If you log your messages, try this experiment a few times,

Pick a message from a while back, that you know you posted to
one of these 'editor' groups. Select a few (4-5) specific words from that
message to narrow your search, and then try to find it using your
devx search engine.

Not only did I not find what I was looking for, but when I used less
words to widen the search, I got about 40-50 responses, that took
several pages of calling back to the server for more results. No clue
as to how large the list was....

This is the second time I have tried to use that search page in about
as many months, and both times I have been dissapointed. If I remember
correctly, the reason I don't use it more often is because of the bad
experience I have had with it, over the past few years....

Maybe you get better results, so I am going to give you the specifics
of what I did, and perhaps you can tell me what I am doing wrong, if

I was looking for my message posted to talk.editors.vbpj, posted on
4/20/2001 - Subject: Has the May issue been published.

I went to http://www.devx.com/free/search/search.asp and typed in
"may issue published" I got 37 results, none of them the one I wanted.
(Also I have no idea how many are returned until I view the entire list!
How about adding that figure to the the first page so I can tell if I need to
refine my search or not?)

So then I thought I would try a few words from the body of the message,
I have the message in front of me, so I know exactly which words to use.
I tried "mailbox AND wondering AND missed AND issue" all subject
and libraries boxes are checked. 2 results showed up both from the same
group that I wanted (editors.vbpj, so it is archived), neither of them what I
wanted. I tried other combinations, some with my own last name, and was
not able to locate the message I wanted.

I know it was posted, there were even replies to it, as I recall, but it was nowhere
to be found from your search engine. I really think you should have the number
of results returned available, so that I know if the search was too broad where
I might have 100+ messages to look through @ 10 per page (no thanks!).

What do you think caused me to miss finding a message I know was posted?