I have to wonder if you guys think things like this go
unnoticed. I have yet to get satisfying results from
the devx search engine.

I have mentioned problems with it before, so I won't rant, but
it has yet to serve my needs without some amount of hassle.

My latest problem; I am looking for an article by Jonathan Goodyear.
I go to the devx site and click on Search. I type the title of the article in
the search box and got no hits. I type Goodyear in the box and
search again. After about 30 seconds wait, 0 results are returned.

How long has Goodyear been writting for Fawcette? And you have no
articles from him online??? That's hard to believe!

So, I thought, maybe its a Devx/Fawcette thing so I go to the VS.Net
site and hit the search button there. Not surprizing I am taken to the
same search page, and get the same results.

Also, exactly what is the difference between the normal search page,
and the 'advanced' search page? I can see very little difference at all.
If there is a significant difference, you might want to indicate what the
significance is, on that advanced page. If there is no difference, why
even suggest there is?