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    Maryam Guest

    Nothing is to harm java programmers

    some say java is good, other says vb is best, yet others say xyz is the best!!!
    Common, why we developers fight so much on something so useless!!
    To me, i believe, every language has its own heights and limitations.
    If we are developing for the internet, java is the best due to its cross-platform
    If we are developing a windows app, vb is most productive
    if we are working on something really techy and deep down inside the OS,
    C or C++ may do the job
    If we are writing something as complicated as a device driver, nothing can
    beat assembly

    My point here is that the adoption of a language depends upon the the budget,
    hardware and requirements of the project. Its apparent that most companies
    will not go for .net if they dont have a microsoft -compatible hardware
    system OR they dont want to be stuck with microsoft only techologies.
    Those companies which are already using microsoft based hardware will definitely
    embrace .net technologies.
    As for us, the java developers, we will probably be happier to enjoy microsoft
    enhancement in visual j if we want to develop for windows ONLY.
    and when we want to go world wide, we simply embrace sun's java!!

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    Joe \Nuke Me Xemu\ Foster Guest

    Re: Nothing is to harm java programmers

    "Maryam" <sweetangelpk2@yahoo.com> wrote in message <news:3c9c20bd$1@>...

    > If we are developing a windows app, vb is most productive

    Have you tried licensing Classic VB lately? You get to buy a VB.NOT
    license, contributing to Micro$haft's wild, ridiculous, hyper-inflated
    claims of "widespread developer acceptance" and then beg MSFT to allow
    you permission to "downgrade" to VB6:


    Of course, if all you want is VB6 Pro, that's over $1 000 per developer
    seat, since there is no VB.NyET Pro, only Visual Studio.NET Pro... Cha


    Are we having fun yet?

    Joe Foster <mailto:jlfoster%40znet.com> Got Thetans? <http://www.xenu.net/>
    WARNING: I cannot be held responsible for the above They're coming to
    because my cats have apparently learned to type. take me away, ha ha!

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