We're creating a portal site and trying to get xml docs from providers by
HTTP Request and storing the xml files on our end and they get updated by
a cron script. Can anyone please tell us what we need to do to and what to
use (as detailed as you can) to:

Given an xml doc, transform it into an html dynamically (not manually) on
the UNIX server (we cant use ASP ADO thing, so we're stuck with using Perl
and XSL i guess??) Do we need to upload an xml and xsl together in a perl
script that uses the XML::Parser module to transform the xml into an html?
We would like the html output printed as a static html file into a folder
that will be referenced by SSI on the web pages (trying to reduce any clientor
server side processing whereby the script is run only twice a day say). Or
how does this really work?