On 29 Jul 2002 21:35:39 -0700, "Howard" <> wrote:

>The main question I have is that the program is written in DOS
>BASIC and in order for me to make this program profitable and to be a program
>of the future it will have to be converted to a WINDOWS Version. It this

Yes, it is possible, but the degree of difficulty can vary a *lot*.
It can be trivial, or it can be so difficult that it would be easier
to start from scratch.

>And if so can you help me?

I can't (well, everything has a price but I'm fully engaged right now
so I'm sure I wouldn't be worth what it would take). Perhaps someone
else can help.

>Is there any way to find out how much
>would be involved in the conversion without purchasing the source code to
>see if it would be worth my money and time.

I don' t know how to determine the degree of difficulty without
looking at the source.

This answer probably isn't much help, but my guess is that my answers
don't surprise you.

Good luck,

Language Stability is a *feature* I wish VB had!
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