"MarkN" <m@n.com> wrote in message news:3d8871fa$1@
> The offical release is that old(young). But .Net really is much older.

> had Java to learn from. How long has it really been in development? We
> won't learn the truth but I suspect right about the time MS was trying to
> fork Java.
> And it doesn't do all that Java does. It does have some features Java

> Not anything Java isn't going to have or doesn't need. .Net may do

> you 'need' to do and so seems to be able to everything Java does. For at
> least one - it doesn't run on z/OS.

Well, then, keep praising Java (actually, I like it too, it's just that
there's too much unused potential in there...) and let others live too...
After all, if .NET isn't a Java killer, it isn't that good and everything,
you have nothing to worry about, right? And, to get back to the initial
issue: I don't like Swing and I think they'll need another re-work in order
to make it work decently...