I can not find a newsgroup in DevX that fits this topic, so I though I would
start here.

I have a problem with the language I am using on a project is not .Net ready
just yet. They are working on their .Net release but they keep putting it
off due to "issues" that must be solved before the beta can be released.

I had lunch with the president of the company last week and told him that
if could just get the part of the .Net version that would allow me to use
the color-coding of the VS.Net IDE and use the type-ahead... that would be
enough for now. I could simply save the file and go into the non-.Net (com+)
compiler to compile and create the COM+ object. Then I simply reference
the COM+ object in .Net... or in my case, just drop it into the WebService.

Basically, I want to build something (I think VS.Net uses a schema for this)
to color code a file type that is not a .Net support languages. I would
also like to add the type-ahead feature.

It may sound odd that I am asking for this, but I add this for XSL/XSLT a
few months back. I believe I downloaded a XSD file and placed it somewhere
in the .Net folders. Now I have color-coding and type-ahead for XSLT. I
may be mistaken, but I think this is this case.

Any ideas where I should start (if it's even possible) looking for information
that could help me build something to color code this non-.Net language and
allow me to use the .Net IDE as an editor for this language?

Thanks for any information you can offer....
Greg Rothlander