It may be no fault of their own though since they clearly have a vast number
of Microsoft people on hand and dare I say it 0 Java people?

Where are the Java section leaders now? There was a guy by the name of Brad,
but he dropped of the planet. Phil makes his presence known here as a section
leader he seems to love and favor .Net. Where is the Java representation?

To their credit, the Devx people do provide some nice Java articles but they
have a long way to go. Maybe DevX should consider becoming Microsoft exclusive,
since this is what they know best?

Some of what I feel is missing, is that Java is much broader than just Sun
and the JDK. There are many companies out there that provide Java and J2EE
offerings. I would like to see features on some of these tools as well.
Dealing with Web Logic issues, using non Sun JVMs, Great Java IDEs and so

The surface Java world has not really even been scratched by DevX. Java
coverage has been too vanilla in terms of the JDK and basic J2EE specs.

Like it or not, some people out there that opted not to continue on the Microsoft
road after .Net came about. If DevX would like to retain these people as
readers and attract more advertiser revenue, they should provide "deeper"
java content.

Rob Abbe

"mxc" <> wrote:
>I agree. My perception is that DevX is not so hot on technologies other

>MS's. This is a perception of mine which is created by experience of using
>the site. For example it used to take ages for there to be updates to the
>java section but there was always new stuff on the MS side of things.
>Of course you can produce statistics to prove me wrong but all I am saying
>that this is a perception I have and I think it is shared by many others.
>"Randy" <> wrote:
>>Does anyone else think that DevX and Fawcette clearly favor Microsoft technologies
>>in favor of alternatives?
>>The latest poll asked "As a Java developer, which feature of the .NET IDE
>>do you most covet?" DevX should really look at some of the MANY IDEs available
>>to Java developers and see that most of the features of VS.Net are already
>>I also remember getting some VS.Net beta disks with my Java Pro subscription.
>>Back then I think DevX was still a part of Fawcette were. No more Java

>>for me!
>>DevX should just change it's tune and become a site for M$ only technology
>>since that is what pays their bills.