> Robert: Who's "us?" MS has invited influential developers to Redmond, on
> multiple occasions, to have such a "conversation."


But, .NET is a lot more than technologies for developers, no?

Ahh, the confusion reigns: http://www.atnewyork.com/news/article.php/1568041

So, is .NET just a runtime? Heh.

Why not have an open discussion in public with all developers, not just your
friends and the "A" team?

Or, did you forget that I used to plan the world's largest Visual Studio
conference and Microsoft wouldn't even tell me what was going on in .NET and
I needed to plan a conference about it? (That doesn't excuse the sleazy way
I responded, but the truth of the matter is that they weren't sharing info
at all back in early 2000).

Oh, and it seems to me that you guys only got invited up there after a bunch
of bad press hit PCWeek and someone's *** got chewed out by Steve Ballmer.
Why weren't you involved all along?