Any advise on Editing HTML Music File?

Comments: My problem is this, I'm trying to write templates with HTML codes
that work for music.
So far, no joy!
I have (1) placed the music file within my template
(2) I have then included it within the page
using the following code:

<bgsound src="my filename" loop="infinite-1>
(3) Since I wanted the music file to begin
playing when the template was activated, I placed this code at the bottom
of one
of the opening pages above the closing body tag </body>.
Sadly none of this procedure has proven to be a
What exactly have I done wrong?
Can you recommend a better means of inserting the music file so that it
will play automatically when the template is opened?
(The music file itself is a "wav file" only 295KG---should it be
into a "mp3" file instead?)
I thank you very much for your help.
Best regards, Joe from