VB.IDE Macro Studio version 1.1 now available.

Brief Description:
When programming with Visual Basic have you ever become frustrated because
you have had to repeatedly cut and paste your error handler from one
procedure to the next. Maybe you changed the name of a control and then had
to find and change all references to the control, or maybe you needed to add
line numbers and had to insert them manually. Have you ever wished you had
the functionality to remove groups of components from the project explorer
instead of one at a time or even wished you could just single click in the
project explorer to activate a component? Have you ever wanted to create
Visual Basic add-ins but just haven't the time to learn the Visual Basic
Extensibility Object.
The answer to these problems and many more like them can be solved with the
power of VB.IDE Macro Studio (VIMS) from Subzero Solutions.

VB Add-in for VB5/6 that enables a developer to write dynamic scripts in
VBScript that integrates with the Visual Basic IDE.

Key Features:
Direct access to the Visual Basic IDE using VBScript.
Macros can be seamlessly integrated with the Visual Basic IDE.
Full colour and case sensitive syntax checking.
Macro licensing to protect your code.
Execute macros automatically when Visual Basic fires an event.
Image storage per macro module.