Developer Express is proud to announce the immediate availability of the
XpressQuantumTreeList. The XpressQuantumTreeList represents a new standard
in ActiveX control functionality - Combining both power and elegance into
one complete package.Certain to meet all of your programming needs
regardless of the development environment you use.

The XpressQuantumTreeList is a 100% ATL Based ActiveX component library and
supports development tools such as: Visual Basic, Visual C++, MS Access,
Internet Explorer, PowerBuilder, and Visual InterDev. The
XpressQuantumTreeList is a hybrid between a traditional tree-view and a
grid. Each "row" is actually a node with a parent and unlimited children.
Nodes are first class objects that are source compatible with the standard
Microsoft TreeView control allowing you to make the transition to the
XpressQuantumTreeList a painless experience.

Unlike a standard TreeView control or other third party tree controls, the
XpressQuantumTreeList can represent individual items of its underlying data
across multiple columns. There are no programmatic gymnastics to perform or
tons of code to write, since the XpressQuantumTreeList was designed from
scratch to provide you with this ability natively. What's more, the
XpressQuantumTreeList provides you with 12 in-place editors to quickly
enable data editing within individual cells. Selecting the appropriate
editor for a given column is as simple as selecting its type in the powerful
XpressQuantumTreeList Property editor.

Packed with dozens of unique features, the XpressQuantumTreeList places you
in control of the development process and insures your ability to create
function rich applications without writing a single line of source code.
Features include:

Easily Represent Hierarchical Data Relationships
Native ADO and OLE DB Support
Full Support of DAO within MS Access
Flexible Display Formats
Automatic Sorting Against an Unlimited Number of TreeList Columns
Complete Banded/Stacked Column Support
Automatic Runtime Node (Row) Resizing
Automatic Runtime Column Selection
Instant Runtime Summary Footers for All Nodes
12 Resource Friendly In-Place Editors
TreeList Footer
Fixed Bands and Columns
Auto Preview Pane
Incremental Auto-Search for Each TreeList Column
Full MS Intellimouse Support
Full Drag & Drop Support
Flicker Free Painting
Complete Drag & Drop Support
Auto Width Feature
Ultra-Efficient Resource Usage
Standard and Extended Multi-Select Support
Full Custom Draw Events
Background Image Support
Even & Odd Row Style Control
LookAndFeel Property
More than 70 Options and Over 200 Properties
And so much more.

To learn more about the XpressQuantumTreeList, please review our product
information page:

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