New generation Provides Customised e-Support Tools for Visual Basic Users,
Plus Unique 'Just In
Time Tracing' To Improve Bug Tracing Ability

Mountain View, CA - March 20, 2000 - MuTek Solutions Inc., a leading provider
of e-support tools
that accelerate software deployment and development processes, today announced
the release of
BugTrapper 3.0. The new generation of MuTek's popular online and remote
application extends support for Visual Basic, and includes a new 'Just
In Time Tracing' (JITT)
mechanism to speed identification of bugs buried deep in large, mission-critical

With BugTrapper 3.0's new improvements, software support engineers, developers
and testers have
a state-of-the-art, easy-to-use tool that makes the process of analysing
mission-critical software
bugs more focused and productive than ever. Users can focus on their main
task of correcting
problems, rather than chasing the source of bugs.

MuTek's new version of BugTrapper provides the Visual Basic (VB) community
a solution that is
already widely used by Visual C++ support engineers and developers - a
solution that allows efficient
and unique post-mortem debugging, increases customers' satisfaction and
reduces a product's time
to market. What's more, BugTrapper 3.0 adds features tuned directly to
VB users' needs, such as
being able to see in the trace log the items they expect: VB events and
properties of Classes and
Objects, such as Visual Basic Forms.

"BugTrapper 3.0's unique "post-mortem debugging" concept improves
communication efficiency
between support, testing and development groups," says Shlomo Wygodny,
vice president, North
America General Manager for MuTek Solutions. "It eliminates redundancies
in the process caused
by the need to reproduce problematic scenarios time and again."

Just in Time Tracing

BugTrapper 3.0's JITT mechanism maximises the software support engineers
and developers
ability to analyse bugs by offering customised control over events during
the tracing of an
application. It allows users to specify actions to be automatically taken
when various conditions
occur during tracing. For example, when calling a function, or when an
exception occurs,
BugTrapper triggers can specify actions like start trace, dump trace to
file, perform a stack dump, or
stop tracing, all without exiting the program itself.

"Feedback from our customer base indicated this capability is critically
important when tackling
problems hidden deep within large, server-based, mission-critical type
programs, said Wygodny. "In
this type of application, the processes typically do not crash even when
exceptions occur, hence
there is a need for an automated method to control when to stop tracing
and dump the log file. With
the JITT mechanism, the support engineers and developers can control exactly
when the tracing will
take place, and therefore avoid being swamped with data."

Ultimate Troubleshooting Tool

As the premier troubleshooting solution on the market, BugTrapper
significantly reduces
troubleshooting and debug time by eliminating the tedious task of reproducing
the user's actions,
data and environment. In the last year, BugTrapper has received wide acceptance
among software
developers, including Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, 3 COM, Mercury Interactive,
and Siemens.

Similar to a "black box" aircraft flight recorder, BugTrapper traps
bugs by generating a trace of how
and where bugs occurred, providing a path back to the cause of the problematic
behaviour. It helps
software developers eliminate bugs that might otherwise get shipped because
the problems could
not be replicated. Even more, customer support personnel developers and
testers, can trap bugs to
be further analysed without having to reproduce them.

In October, 1999, MuTek unveiled BugTrapper I-NET, which incorporates
a proprietary Remote
Control Agent (RCA) to BugTrapper's core capabilities. RCA makes it possible
to track down
software bugs remotely via the Internet, greatly increasing a developer's
ability to correct a remote
user's problem software.

Availability and Specifications

BugTrapper 3.0 is available immediately from MuTek Solutions and supports
C, C++, and VB
programs compiled by Microsoft Visual C++ version 5.0 and higher, and
Visual Basic version 5.0
and higher. BugTrapper runs under Windows 95TM, Windows 98TM, Windows
NTTM, and Windows

Contact Information

To learn more about BugTrapper 3.0 or to download a free evaluation
copy, contact MuTek at In North America, contact the U.S. office of MuTek Solutions,
Inc. at 1875
Charleston Road, Mountain View, CA 95403. Toll free telephone: 1-877-BUG-TRAP

Outside of North America, contact the international headquarters of
MuTek Solutions, Ltd., 24
Hacharoshet Street, P.O. Box 47, Or-Yehuda 60200, Israel. Telephone: +972-3-6343223.