AgFastform from Agendum Software has been updated with more gradient styles
which can now be set to display in radial or linear patterns! Plus we added
the ability to pick up to 3 different colors to apply the gradient
throughout. AgFastform has also been optimized for speed under Windows
2000 and we have added new 'hooks' for direct support of our form shape
design control AgTransform!

AgTransform also has a new update near which sports some new capabilities
that are unbelievable!! Not only does it currently allow the design of
shaped controls, dialog and screens or the built in ability to trace a
picture, graphic or color and create a screen in that shape, but now
AgTransform allows you to create 'translucent' forms based on any of 32
millions colors OR a combination of any of those 32 million colors. Our
design is does not work in the method that others have tried. We designed
our own engine that completely surpasses any other attempt at this in the
past. NO more artifacts, fast throughput, Works with any control including
3rd party controls. We expect to release this new version within the next
week! All current owners of AgTransform will get this new version
absolutely free.
Todd B - Agendum Software |
AgFastform Updated! Enhanced Multi-Colored Gradients plus Radial/Linear