Just revisiting this thread after some months away. Karl, I take small
exception to you grouping me with Rogerio & Steve, et al. If you check,
you'll find that it was me who started this argument. I'm on your side. I
have the intention to publish some of my code soon and I would hate to see
some talentless hack strip out my copyrights and publish it as 'anonymous'
or his own work. Besides, I'm rather vain about these things, and if I
publish something, I want to see MY f***ing name in MY code. I would not
do this to somebody else's code and I expect them not to do it to mine.

Sorry, don't mean to restart an old argument, but I have rather strong
feelings about all this.

"Karl E. Peterson" <karl@mvps.org> wrote in message
> Rogerio, Steve, & Dave --
> >If you have other interests in your source code ( $$$ ), do not put in
> >internet. Publish a book !
> >Now, if you dont have this preocupation, simple put your code in

> >and forgot copyrights and laws.

> You guys really don't get it, do you? Folks who publish free code do so

> to help the community. Other folks who redistribute this code without

> *hurt* the community, by not insuring that what they redistribute is

> It's as simple as that.
> So, your choices are even more simple. Download buggy code from

unreliable sources
> (just don't *dare* e-mail to report the bugs!), or help the community by

> down on folks who seek glory from other's hard work.
> Later... Karl