Developer Express is proud to announce the immediate availability of the
XpressQuantumGrid, a 100% ATL Based ActiveX Grid control that fully supports
development tools such as Visual Basic, Visual C++, Internet Explorer, and
Visual InterDev. The QuantumGrid ships with a massive feature set, with over
320 Properties and 80 Options - putting you in total control of the
development process and insuring your ability to create function rich
applications without writing a single line of source code.

Once you begin using the XpressQuantumGrid, you will quickly discover its
incredible flexibility as a data presentation and manipulation system. The
XpressQuantumGrid offers you a series of automatic high-performance data
management functions along with a full range of control over runtime display

The XpressQuantumGrid was built from ground up for extremely efficient and
ultra-fast processing of large amounts of data. Its long list of features

Native ADO and OLE DB Support
Built-in and External Recordset Support
Multiple Data Loading Modes
Automatic Data Grouping Against an Unlimited Number of Columns
Automatic Sorting Against an Unlimited Number of Columns
Complete Banded/Stacked Column Support
Instant Runtime Summaries for All Grouped Nodes
Instant Runtime Summary Footers for All Grouped Nodes
Automatic Runtime Row Resizing
Fixed Bands and Columns
Incremental Auto Search for all Grid Columns
Grid Footer
Automatic Runtime Column Selection
Auto Preview Pane
New Record Row
Full MS Intellimouse Support
Thirteen Powerful and Innovative In-Place Editors
Complete Custom Draw Support
Auto Width Feature
Background Bitmap Support
And so much more.

To learn more about the QuantumGrid, visit our product informaiton page at:

Developer Express Inc.