Developer Express is proud to announce the release of the XpressPrinting
System, an innovative 100% ATL Based ActiveX control library designed to
bring the advanced presentation features of Developer Express products such
as the XpressQuantumGrid and QuantumTreeList, and other controls, to the
printed page.

The XpressPrinting System gives you a fast and flexible way to automatically
design reports based on the contents of visual controls and data tables in
your applications. When combined with Developer Express ActiveX
technologies, the XpressPrinting System makes it a snap to produce printed
output that closely matches the interface your users see every day. The
XpressPrinting System not only renders ActiveX controls, it also offers a
powerful abstraction layer over the painfully complicated Windows Graphical
Device Interface (GDI).

Via its Report Link technology, the XpressPrinting System allows you to
print and render the contents as well as layout of the following components:

MS Data Grid Control
VB List Box
VB Combo Box

Each of the components listed above include many design and runtime
customization options to help you and your users control the appearance of
printed output. For instance, if you are rendering the XpressQuantumGrid,
you can enable the printing of Footers, Bands, AutoPreview Pane, and so much

Like all Developer Express technologies, the XpressPrinting System lets you
place control back in the hands of your end-users via a runtime interface
that is simple to use, with an astounding level of flexibility. It gives you
the power to quickly add superior reporting interfaces to your programs
without designing a single report.

To learn more about the XpressPrinting System, please review our product
information page at:

Developer Express Inc.