Axiom-Tech Software is excited to announce AxEditorPro 3.0...

*** New Product Announcement ***

Oakland, Maine - August 27, 2000 - Axiom-Tech Software has released
AXEditorPro (tm). This product is a Microsoft Visual BASIC (tm) add-in
which will automatically expand keywords as you type them in the VB source
code window. It also comes with a keyword editor which allows you to add,
modify and remove keywords and how they expand. It is fully customizable
and comes with a file of default keywords and expansions which you can
modify as you see fit. It is very easy to use and both an addictive and
powerful productivity tool for any VB programmer. This kind of
functionality should have been built into the VB editor a long time ago. It
is available now through Axiom-Tech Software.

The price for AXEditorPro is $139.00. A free 30-day trial version is
available to download from our web site at
We can also be reached by email at

Best Regards,
Scott Bressette
Axiom-Tech Software