09/07/00: A very busy day in the tutorial department with three excellent new
tutorials just added.

First we have an excellent sorting tutorial by Rick Meyer. It is really two
tutorials in one as he not only delves into various sorting methods but also
leads you to create a sort timer to test the effectiveness of the various sorts.
He does a good job of explaining a topic that can be pretty deep for a beginner
and I think you'll love it. Two thumbs up and a tip of the hat to Rick for a
superb tutorial!

Next we have another great tutorial by John Smiley that shows how to Execute a
VB Program with Command Line Arguments. This is one of those frequently asked
questions and John shows why his material is in such great demand with this
interesting and easy to follow tutorial. Those who aren't familiar with John's
books and articles should take a look at some of the other material in our
tutorials section and Book Store.

Finally Anne-Marie Wright dives into one of those other areas beginners often
ask about and gives us a basic tutorial on using Crystal Reports with VB. Anne
is currently working on a review of Crystal Reports 8 for the site and may be
spinning off some additional Crystal Reports tutorials as time allows. A big
thank you goes out to Anne for her willingness to tackle so many areas for us.


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