Thanks, Burt,

Not there, yet, but I know that it is coming from a project that just appeared
on my desk last week. Your timing could not have been better for me. Thank
you so much.

Best of all,


"Burt Abreu" <> wrote:
>09/07/00: A very busy day in the tutorial department with three excellent

>tutorials just added.
>First we have an excellent sorting tutorial by Rick Meyer. It is really

>tutorials in one as he not only delves into various sorting methods but

>leads you to create a sort timer to test the effectiveness of the various

>He does a good job of explaining a topic that can be pretty deep for a beginner
>and I think you'll love it. Two thumbs up and a tip of the hat to Rick for

>superb tutorial!
>Next we have another great tutorial by John Smiley that shows how to Execute

>VB Program with Command Line Arguments. This is one of those frequently

>questions and John shows why his material is in such great demand with this
>interesting and easy to follow tutorial. Those who aren't familiar with

>books and articles should take a look at some of the other material in our
>tutorials section and Book Store.
>Finally Anne-Marie Wright dives into one of those other areas beginners

>ask about and gives us a basic tutorial on using Crystal Reports with VB.

>is currently working on a review of Crystal Reports 8 for the site and may

>spinning off some additional Crystal Reports tutorials as time allows. A

>thank you goes out to Anne for her willingness to tackle so many areas for

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