Aivosto has released VB Watch 1.0, a software tool for Visual Basic.
Aivosto VB Watch Suite includes 3 tools that protect applications from
run-time errors, debug compiled code, detect performance bottlenecks and
find untested code.

VB Watch Protector secures applications from run-time errors. It
generates meaningful error messages to end-users. If a run-time error
occurs, the end-user can easily report the error via email. Detailed
error reports include program status such as line number of error,
values of variables and procedure call stack.

VB Watch Debugger sees inside compiled programs. It monitors what
happens in control and library files. Debugger gives the ability to
pause and trace through compiled code.

VB Watch Profiler measures run-time speed and finds untested code. It
finds performance bottlenecks - up to the very line of code. Profiler
also ensures test coverage. It records test sessions and detects code
lines that were never tested properly.

A free demo can be found at

Tuomas Salste
Aivosto Oy