Shoutsoft, Inc. is proud to announce the release of its COM Express for
COM/COM+ developers.
COM Express is a template-driven VB database COM code generator, key
features include:
1. It can generate middle tier COM objects for both 3-tier and N-tier
structured application(both data-centric layer and UI-centric layer objects
are generated).
2. MTS/COM+ is also supported.
3. Fully supports relation hierachy(parent/child) to N level.
4. Templates scripting is powered by VB script which makes building your
template from the scratch is an easy task. A Professional template editor
5. Fully support SQL Server, Jet database and ODBC databases.
6. Code generation is extremely flexible and customizable and fast.
7. Point and click , drag and drop , outlook-stylished User Interface.

COM Express is a must-have tool for VB and web application developers and
saves your time and money for sure. Currently COM Express has 2 editions:
Standard Edition and Professional Edition. Trial download is also
availiable. Standard Edition is priced at $299. Professional Edition is
priced at $399 and Pro edtion users before Jan 15, 2001 will also be given
outlook pin bar (worth $25) for free.

Please visite for more information and downloads.


Gordon G - Sales Manager - Shoutsoft, Inc.