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We are proud to announce the release of GEP Symbolic Regression!

GEP-SR is the first AI component based on Gene Expression Programming (GEP),
a new learning algorithm that outperforms Genetic Programming in 2-4 orders
of magnitude. GEP-SR is the first product ever to bring the power of GEP
to developers, scientists, engineers and anyone with an interest in Evolutionary

For details Gene Expression Programming go to:


GEP-SR is a COM component developed with the ATL framework. It can be used
from Visual Basic and Excel as well as from most other COM compatible languages
and tools under Windows 98, Windows ME, NT 4.0 or Windows 2000. Its interface
is very simple and easy to understand and most properties have pre-set optimal
values. No prior knowledge of evolutionary computation is assumed and the
complexity is hidden behind a programmer friendly interface. The sample code
and application by themselves are enough to start using GEP-SR without any
coding and the documentation includes a detailed description of the source
code and the techniques used.
For a detailed description of GEP-SR go to

With the Demo of GEP-SR it is possible to load sets of data and experiment
with all the properties of GEP-SR. The methods Evolve and Evolve With Seed
are fully functional, except for the evolved programs, which are not shown;
the Calculator method is fully functional.
Download the Demo at


GEP-SR is available for purchase at The Component Source:
(Artificial Intelligence Components)


- Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT 4.0 SP 6.0 or Windows 2000
- PII 350 Mhz with 48 MB RAM (Win98) or 128 MB RAM (NT/2000)
- GEP-SR needs 8 MB of free memory for each object
- COM compatible development environment or tool (Visual Basic 6.0 SP 3 and
Excel 97/2000 supported and needed to run the examples)
Note: Some non-English versions of Excel are not compatible with GEP-SR;
try the Demo before purchasing the complete product.


Jose Simas