Aivosto ActiveXplorer 1.1 is an ActiveX control manager for Windows.
ActiveXplorer lists, registers, unregisters, analyzes, documents, and
backups ActiveX files. It is useful in solving installation problems and
learning to use undocumented controls.

ActiveXplorer detects all ActiveX control versions installed on the
system. Present in Windows Explorer's context menu, ActiveXplorer lets
the user install and uninstall ActiveX files with a mouse click. Batch
register and unregister is available for larger control collections.

The analysis feature reveals the functionality of any ActiveX control.
ActiveXplorer generates a document with all the classes, properties and
methods available in a file.

Backup and restore functionality ensures that a working set of file
versions is always available. If the system suffers from "DLL ****",
i.e. installation and version problems, ActiveXplorer can restore the
original working state.

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Tuomas Salste
Aivosto Oy / VBShop