Once loaded the VB.IDE Macro Studio creates a permanent connection to the
Visual Basic IDE allowing you to create macros that will run immediately.

They can automate repetitive tasks, monitor the IDE for the occurrence of
certain events, act upon those events, or perform complex tasks. Macros can
be activated through menu commands, toolbar buttons, or through Windows
events and now at a specified interval. Read what is new

VB.IDE Macro Studio comes with over 50 macros, with source, that you can use
right out of the box or modify to suit your own requirements.
Some of the Macro functionality included is:
a.. Add Error Handler
b.. Add Line Numbers
c.. Add Module Header
d.. Appearance
e.. Check Collection Attributes
f.. Clear Debug Window
g.. Close Unused Windows
h.. Code Module Spell Check
i.. Comment Procedure
j.. Control Spell Checker
k.. Control Warning
l.. Insert Date and Time
m.. Make Appearance 3D
a.. MSKnowledge Base
b.. Procedure Sort
c.. Reload Selected Component
d.. Remove Components
e.. Resize to Narrowest
f.. Save - Restore Immediate Window
g.. Save and Reload Active Project
h.. Set Horizontal Spacing
i.. Set Vertical Spacing
j.. Single Click
k.. Swap 2 selected controls
l.. Update Control References
m.. And many more . . .

In all, VB.IDE Macro Studio does exactly what a productivity tool should
do - speeds development, makes processes easier, especially the repetitive
tasks, and gives the Visual Basic developer features not available in Visual
Basic itself. The end result is bringing better projects to fruition sooner.