I would like to take this opportunity to introduce a unique Book that will
teach VB and Accounting Business Logic quickly and easily.

Please see below for details:
Learn Visual Basic and ADO by developing your own Accounting Program
*Master the secrets of developing an Accounting Package

This book reveals all the business logic, functions, and procedures used
to develop an Accounting Program modelled after the UK double entry accounting
system widely accepted in UK, India, Australia and many other countries.
Unlike other books that attempt to teach VB using scientific non-business
examples, this book teaches very valuable business concepts and programming
at the same time.

The Book uses a real life accounting example instead of theoretical concepts.
Using concise language with no off-topic discussions, every chapter in the
book provides excellent value. Students familiar with databases and accounting
business logic will have the tools to make developing business applications
a breeze.

Covering the basics of database development and advanced topics like reporting
and advanced topics like reporting and retrieval of data using SQL, this
book provides a thorough and comprehensive walk-through forcing them to learn
key programming and business logic very quickly.

This knowledge helps programmers to manage the database part of various technologies
like E-Business sites, B2B sites and Exchanges, ERP and POS projects.

The book consists of 380 pages, and has an ISBN number. The first edition
was published in January 2001. Full source code is included in the Book,
however the source code is not included on CD, since it dissuades students
from actually typing and trying out the examples.

Companies such as Infosys Technologies, Wipro Software, Satyam Software (India’s
biggest software companies), as well as the prestigious Indian Institute
of Management, Bangalore, have purchased the book to provide business logic
and programming training for their students.

About the Author:
Bharati Krishna is the Technology Director of Unisoft, Bangalore, widely
known as the Indian Silicon Valley. She has involved in Product Design,
Development and Quality Control. She has focussed on the Financial Accounting
domain for the last six years, and is well versed with technology behind
the leading accounting software programs. She has been a long time VB developer
since the earliest version of VB. She is a frequent speaker at industry
forums on database design, coding interfaces for complex data acceptance,
reporting and object oriented programming.

“Very well conceived book based on solid accounting principles and general
accounting guidelines”, John Spiller, CPA, Austin, Texas, Accounting Insider.

"Much needed book for teaching programmers the importance of business logic.
Long overdue!" - Dr. KR. Srivathsan, Director, IITM-K, former Head of Electrical
Engineering, IIT, Kanpur. - Dataquest Magazine.

Book Pricing:
The book costs US$34.95 retail, plus $5.00 shipping. Discounts are available
for resellers and bulk purchases. An Eval Package for Dealers and Schools
is available for $100.00 (4 copies).

To order please send an email to:
Raj Sundra, Embraceware, Inc., email: rsundra@yahoo.com, cc: rajsundra@netscape.net

Immediate reply assured. Agents and resellers wanted worldwide.