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Download: http://www.flashpeak.com/easytype/easytype.exe

FlashPeak EasyType V1.2 increases your typing speed in ANY Windows editor.
It takes you from the age of inputting words letter by letter to the age
of inputting word-by-word and phrase-by-phrase. EasyType has three major
functions: (1) Auto-learning words and phrases 2) auto-completing words and
phrases, and (3) Auto-expanding shorthands into full text.

EasyType prompts the best-matched words to the user with a fully optimized
prediction algorithm. Just press a single hot key to auto-complete the word
you want. EasyType also expands its knowledge by learning new words that
you have typed. In contrast, shorthand expansion is based on targeting. For
example, type 'syl' and EasyType will expand it into 'See you later'. Shorthand
expansion is made more flexible with parameters, which are highly
useful for code auto-generation. You can even include special cursor controls
to make the expanded text well formatted.

Many libraries are provided to empower EasyType. International language
libraries make it easy to input non-English words on any keyboard.
Programming language libraries liberate programmers from the pain of typing
long identifiers. Everyone can find libraries suitable for their own needs.
You can create your own library from word list files or learn frequently
used words from a large number of text documents with just one click.

EasyType is unique as a global editing helper and is best used as a
complement for standalone editors. EasyType is ideal for users who must deal
with a heavy load of typing everyday, such as programmers, writers, lawyers,
translators, secretaries, and medical clerks.

EasyType works on any 32-bit Windows platform.
45-day evaluation copies available on http://www.flashpeak.com. Purchase
can be made online with a registration fee of $19.97 US.