Ixean is proud to announce the availability of the beta version of
Archetype for Visual Basic. Archetype is an add-in that assists advanced
VB 6 developers, by providing independant software agents which can be
assigned to perform OO programming tasks on their behalf.

There are several different agent types available, which handle various
coding tasks on behalf of the developer, such as:

-- Automatically delegate all methods of an interface to a contained object
-- Persist all properties of an object to a property bag
-- Flatten an implemented interface, so that the object can be used from ASP

Download the beta version now at http://www.ixean.com/download.asp

Agents also actively modify the code when conditions change during
development. For example, if you have created an agent to delegate all
functions in an interface to a contained object, the agent automatically
updates the code when the interface is modified. If you have created an
agent to persist an object to a property bag, the agent modifies the
WriteProperties and ReadProperties handlers when you add new properties
to a class.

Ixean builds tools for advanced VB developers, using concepts and techniques
from the design patterns community.