Dear VBers,

We are writing the second book of the "Application Series". The first
was titled "Develop An Accounting Package Using VB".

This book (second in the series) is titled "Develop An Inventory Package
Using VB.Net".

Briefly, the contents are:

a.Purchase Orders / Sales Orders
b.Purchase Invoice / Sales Invoice
d.Receipt Note, Delivery Note
d.Stock Transfer between Warehouses
e.User defined Units of Measurement for goods traded
f.Manufacturing Date, Expiry Date, Batch Numbers
g.Flexibility to manage a large retail unit which deals in multiple
of goods. The package will be flexibile enough to order
different categories from a large Manufacturer, receiving in part or
in full
the goods ordered on different days, flexible payment schedules.
h.Maintaining of purchase Accounts.
e.Updating suppliers and debtors accounts.
f. Comprehenisve Stock Statements including, daily stock reports, item
stock, category wise stock, sales, purchase registers, etc.

The Book covers, User Interface, Database Design, Source Code development,
and programming Reports.

The purpose of this post is to elicit specific requirements from the
VB community.
VBers who wish to get specific features included do send in suggestions
email or can post here. Please focus on the Inventory Domain to suggest