I don't know about you, but if you're like me, a contractor who constantly
is sending out resumes for positions, jobs and client work, you probably get
tired of the chore of writing up a cover letter and attaching your resume. I
know I do -- or did!

Announcing the release of ResumeMailer, a quick and easy email program that
will help you get those Resumes out the door quickly!

Most of us today craft a cover letter that appeals directly to the job in
question; we often save many of them and have to look for them later to
modify them yet again.

ResumeMailer can help in those tasks! You can save links to up to 3 various
cover letters, and then once you load one, you can then customize it right
on screen!

Your Resume is also important as it carries all the information about you
and your skillSet to the prospective employer. ResumeMailer allows you to
have as many Resumes as you want...and because the Resume is sent as an
attachment, you can send Word files with all the formatting that you want!
All you have to do is highlight the one to be sent each time, and click on
the SEND button!

And away they go, cover letter and Resume together to any employer you want!

Simple neat and quick!

For more information, please go to www.kkti.com and click on the PRODUCTS
page to learn more!

Jim Rudnick