Hello VB Developers,

Anysoft, after six years of development, is pleased to announce the release
of Digital Cortex 2.0, a set of technologies and infrastructures that offers
a new, non-invasive way to release the value trapped in applications,
databases and business systems. Digital Cortex provides developers with one
simple object model to access applications that run on a Windows platform in
order to: create programmatic access to proprietary applications WITHOUT
requiring source code access; extend applications to new platforms; and
reuse functionality and data from existing applications.

The Digital Cortex system from Anysoft removes the application boundaries
that prevent interoperability by turning applications into a set of
programmable objects that can be re-used, combined, or interconnected in any
way needed. This gives developers a universal way to access application
data and functionality.

What can you do with Digital Cortex?

* Application Integration: Exchange data & functionality between two or more

* Application Enhancements: Create new front ends for existing applications

* Automation of Routine User Activities: Drive application behavior for data
input and aggregation

* Data Access: Leverage the universal adapter/connector to multiple

* Web Services: Expose data and functionality as Web services

* Extension of Enterprise Applications: Deliver apps to new platforms &
devices (Web & wireless)

* Composite Applications: Create unified view of data within a single
interface, such as with Web pages or executive dashboards

Highlights of the Digital Cortex System

* No APIs, source code, or application-specific knowledge required to access
and leverage data and functionality of enterprise applications

* Use a single visual design environment and methodology to integrate or
enhance a wide variety of applications

* No need to retool: Visual Basic®, Visual C++, Delphi and PowerBuilder
developers can work with Digital Cortex controls within their own IDEs to be
productive from the start

* Highly productive - rapidly develop and deploy Digital Cortex applications
on either desktops or servers

Don't take our word for it - put it to work solving some of your development
challenges. Download the free evaluation version of Digital Cortex at

Anthony Citrano
Fama PR for AnySoft