We just released a new version !

New features include Spanish and Turkish translations, a .HighPriority
property, a .Notification property, and a .LastMessageSent property which
tells you if the last message was sent OK, if an error occured, or if the
user cancelled it.

The OCX is still binary compatible so you won't have to recompile your
already finished projects.

We hope you enjoy this new version, and please let us know what else we can
do to improve it.

Also, if you speak another language and would like to have the OCX also
"speak" that language, we'd be more than happy to send you an Access DB with
which you can translate all the strings (this is a freeware control, so
you'll have to do the translating yourself).

Every translator gets mentioned on our site (just have a look for the
Spanish and Turkish translations).

Rene Whitworth
Whitworth Software Solutions - Germany

Please reply to the newsgroups ...