June 24, 2002 - Developer Express is proud to announce its newest 100% C#
based component library, the XtraNavBar Suite. From the look and feel of MS
Office and VS .NET, to Windows XP, the XtraNavBar offers you a myriad of
interface options, so you can write less code and deliver more! And like all
of our .NET components, the XtraNavBar is available with FULL SOURCE CODE.

About the XtraNavBar Suite

The XtraNavBar was specifically designed to simplify how your end-users
navigate within your application and to provide you with cutting-edge user
interface options, without writing a single line of source code. Like all
Developer Express technologies engineered for Visual Studio .NET, the
XtraNavBar was written using C# and fully optimized to take advantage of the
..NET Framework with support for all MS .NET languages. Its features include:

- Standard SideBar Style View - Designed to emulate the visual and
behavioral characteristics of MS Outlook (XP, 2000, 97) and Visual
- TaskBar Style View - Designed to emulate the visual and behavioral
characteristics of Windows XP.
- Small and Large Icon Support
- Flexible Icon View
- ViewStyles - The XtraNavBar allows you to customize each and every element
within it.
- Background Image support
- Internal/External Drag and Drop Support
- Advanced AlphaBlending - With the XtraNavBar, you can customize the
appearance of your application without limits.
- 12 Unique Paint Styles
- Easy-to-Use Designer - Like our other .NET technologies, the XtraNavBar
includes an extremely easy to use design time property editor.
- Load and Save Runtime State - The XtraNavBar allows you to load and save
its state to an XML file, the Registry, or a Stream.
- Windows XP Theme Support
- Custom Drawn Hints - As we said, the XtraNavBar gives you incredible
control - you can even custom draw icon hints!
- Custom Draw Support - Need to customize the XtraNavBar to meet specific
needs, it's not a problem.
- Royalte Free Distribution

To learn more about the XtraNavBar Suite, visit us online at:

Total Control, Flexibility and Power
The No Limits Navigation Bar for .NET

Good Luck and Best Wishes
The Developer Express Team